70+ debate topics for speech competition

Well, stop being concerned . Here we’ve presented some amazing persuasive speech prompts for you. Check them out and choose the simplest one for your speech.

1.Should prayer be allowed publicly school?
2.Should self-driving cars be legal?
3.Should all school required students wear a uniform?
4.Who is that the safest country within the world?
5.Should voting be made compulsory?
6.How can you use an essay writing service?
7.Why are sports cars dangerous?
8.Has freedom of press gone too far?
9.Should smoking publicly places be banned?

10.What age should children be allowed to possess a cell phone?
11.Should the puppy milk ban?
12.Plastic bags selling within the shops should be banned?
13.What is the simplest thanks to stop bullying?
14.People shouldn’t call while drying?
15.People should eat less fast food?
16.Money can’t buy love or happiness.
17.Why should we not use disposable diapers?
18.We should keep our house clean.
19.Why should parents not punish their children?
20.Men should wear black.
21.Fashion Is An Expression Of The Character.
22.A student loan should be forgiven.
23.Drink more fruit juice
24.Eating organic is sweet for health.
25.Music has the facility to heal.
26.The cake isn’t a cake if it’s not dry.
27.Dads are more fun than moms.
28.Students should be purchased getting good grades.
29.Taking summer classes will help a student for an annual.
30.Students should get to understand other students.
31.Teens should have weekend jobs.
32.The moon landing was a lie.
33.Energy drinks are dangerous.
34.No credit cards for under 25.
35.China are going to be subsequent superpower.
36.The war in Iraq may be a mistake.
37.China are going to be the economic superpower by 2025.
38.Driving age should be raised to 21.
39.Why reading is more important than watching television.
40.Why do people got to read more books?
41.Why you ought to study photography.
42.Television is dangerous for youngsters .
43.Make TV more educational.
44.Why it’s hard to follow your dream.
45.Rock music is best than classical.
46.Why you ought to vote.
47.Zimbabwe is that the next drama in world politics.
48.Why can we got to love and to be loved?
49.Jealousy are often a disease.
50.People only need one good friend.
51.Women should be a priest.
52.Should boys and girls be taught in several classes?
53.Higher education is overrated.
54.Why Islam may be a peaceful religion.
55.Faith in God should be protected.
56.Should cheerleading be considered a sport?
57.Is the idea of peace on earth naive?
58.Should prostitution be legalized.
59.Should students buy getting an honest GPA?
60.Should the president be allowed to serve quite two terms?
61.Should animal testing be illegal?
62.Do video games make people more violent?
63.Mars was an equivalent as Earth within the past.
64.Dress for fulfillment .
65.If you don’t hand over , you’ll make it.
66.Talking to yourself are often beneficial.
67.Should American families haven’t any quite two children, so as to regulate the population growth?
68.Do you believe that older people should get a free bus ride?
69.Why living within the country is best than living within the city.
70.Do you think cities have a bike-sharing system?
71.Winning isn’t as important as trying your best.
72.Should atomic power be used?
73.Why you ought to not buy an iPhone.

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